Free Wifi spots in Kyoto and Free internet library in Kyoto. Internet cafe in Kyoto. Simm card and rental poket wifi.

Free Wifi spots in Kyoto

KYOTO_WiFi KYOTO_WiFi is the free Wi-Fi service offered by Kyoto city government and business partners. In bus stops, subway stations, and public facilities, there are 630 wireless LAN spots in which everyone can use the Internet free of charge.

AEON MALL Kyoto Gozyo It is a big shopping mall at west Kyoto. There are free wifi service. They are very comfortable. Aeon free wifi spot

AEON MALL Kyoto Katsuragawa It is a big shopping mall at south west Kyoto. They have free wifi service. Aeon free wifi spot

Free wifi spots on Kitaoji shopping street There are free wifi spots on the Kitaoji shopping street. There are roofs and benches in front of Shiga Bank. It is a best place to use free wifi. This free wifi service is offered by a big manufacturer company of wifi machine.

MK bowling There are free wifi spots on the second floor of the bowling alley. There is a buffet restaurant on the first floor. But it is not free wifi spot.

Fc2 free wifi

Free internet Library in Kyoto and Nara

Kyoto-seika university The library of Kyoto-seika university is open for everyone. Kyoto seika university is famous for manga. But it is small library.They have free internet service.There is no entrance fee and time limit.

Kyoto Prefectural Kyoto Prefectural library is small library. But they have free internet servise. It is located in Okazaki area near Heian shrine and Nanzenji temple.

Kyoto city Ukyo Chuo Library Kyoto city Ukyo Chuo library is new library. It is located at subway UzumasaTenjingawa station. They have free internet servise.

Osaka Prefectural Central Library Osaka Prefectural Central library had free internet servise. They stop this servise. They have only free wifi. It is located near Aramoto Station of Kintetsu Railways in HigashiOsaka.

Osaka Prefectural Nakanoshima Library Osaka Prefectural Nakanoshima library had free internet service. But the the free internet service is stopping now because construction is carried out. It is located near Yodoyabashi Station of Keihan Railways and Osaka subway Midosuzi Line in central Osaka.It is in the center of Osaka. The library is a historic building.

Nara Prefectural Library Nara Prefectural Library had free internet service. But the registration is required for the use. It is located in suburb of Nara city. It is necessary to get on a bus from Shinomiya station of Kintetsu Railways.

Osaka Free Wi-Fi

Internet Cafe in Kyoto (Not Free)

They provide internet service. But it is not free.

Kyoto station(HachijoGuchi/ south of Kyoto station)

KarasumaImadegawa(near subway Imadegawa station)

KarasumaMarutamachi(subway Marutamachi station)



Jiyu kukan

Kaikatsu club

Simm card & Rental pocet wifi (Not Free)

b-mobile VISITOR SIM / b-mobile wireless internet

Japan Communications

Rental wifi WiFi-RENTAL store(English page)

mobile gate(Rental wifi)

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