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The last day of the burnable garbage collection: 28 December(Thursday)

There are no garbage collection in New Year Holiday (from 31 Dec to 3rd Jan). Please keep your garbage in your room in this period.

The collection starting date of the burnable garbage: 4th January(Thursday)

The collection starting date of the plastic container: 9th January (Tuesday)

The collection starting date of the can, the bottle and plastic bottle: 10th January (Wednesday)




A typhoon is approaching Kyoto.

There is a possibility that it will become a severe storm.
Building collapses and floods are unlikely, but there are possibilities about power outages and water outages.

Please be careful and be prepared by yourself.




Putting out the garbage outside the designated area is strictly prohibited.
Please remove the garbage immediately, if you left the garbage under the stairs of our apartment.

If you leave the garbage as it is, we will ask the police to investigate as illegal dumping and charge a special cleaning fee.
Under Japanese law, those who commit illegal dumping are subject to imprisonment of up to 5 years or a fine of 10 million yen, or both.


インターネット接続/WIFI メンテナンス情報



2023年02月10日(金) 00:00 - 07:00

Internet connection/WIFI Maintenance information

NTT FLET'S connection service (internet connection) will be undergoing emergency maintenance work throughout western Japan on the following dates and times.

During the following construction period, the internet connection will be interrupted multiple times for up to 30 minutes. If communication is still not possible after installation, turn off the power to the router and then turn it on again.

<Maintenance date and time>
February 10, (Friday) 00:00 - 07:00



About the common washing machine



There were complaints about using the shared washing machine early in the morning.
Please don't use the washing machine late night or early morning as the noise of the washing machine will be a complaint not only for the apartment but also for the neighbors.
(Please use the washing machine from 8 am to 5 pm as a guideline)(Using from 10 pm to 7 am is strictly prohibited.)

There were complaints that the washing machine was occupied and could not be used for hours.
Please do not occupied the washing machine for hours.
Since many people use the washing machine equally, please use the washing machine for up to 1 hour per person.


The garbage collection day in the year-end and New Year

The last day of the burnable garbage collection: 29 December(Thursday)

There are no garbage collection in New Year Holiday (from 31 Dec to 3rd Jan). Please keep your garbage in your room in this period.

The collection starting date of the burnable garbage: 5th January(Thursday)

The collection starting date of the can, the bottle and plastic bottle: 4th January (Wednesday)

The collection starting date of the plastic container: 9th January (Tuesday)

詳細は、[家庭ゴミ収集などのお知らせ]をご参照下さい。(Please refer to the link.)


If you do not follow the garbage collection schedule, your garbage may be harmmed by crows and cats, which will harm the landscape and sanitary conditions.
If you take out the garbage in the same way because someone don't follow the garbage schedule, you may be held responsible for the amount of the person who took out the trash before too. Please keep this in mind.


給湯器の凍結について / The freeze of the hot water supply device




A water service and hot water supply device may freeze up when it becomes very cold. It is very rare that the water supply in Kyoto freeze. But the hot water supply device may freeze when it is less than -1 degree centigrade by a weather forecast.
(Since the water heater has an anti-freezing device, it may not freeze even if the temperature drops below freezing, but if the wind is strong, it may freeze locally.) (Also, if you use the air conditioner for a long time it may freeze easily. This does not apply to rooms that do not have a water heater on the balcony.)< /small>

If you really wants to use hot water from early morning, please turn off the indoor water heater and then let the water drip from the faucet (hot water side faucet) little by little overnight.
(If you put out too much water, it may cause the water heater to malfunction, so please use water little by little. Do not unplug the water heater.)

If the water heater or water pipe is frozen, please wait for it to thaw naturally and do not warm the water heater rapidly. If you rush to defrost by pouring hot water on it, the water pipe may burst or the water heater may break down.

[給湯器の凍結について/About the freeze of the water service and hot water supply device]

(The type and installation location of the hot water supply device differs depending on the apartments. Please contact us if the above does not fit.)


結露について / About dew condensation



2) 料理をする時やシャワーを使う時など、湿気を生じる時は、換気扇をご利用下さい。

When there is difference of temperature of the heat and cold, the dew condensation occurs to the window of the aluminum frame. Although it is usual thing, if dew condensation occurs heaveily, mold may grow when we do not perform the following thing.(You don't have to worry about mold excessively if you don't mind. If you wash the curtains with chlorine-based detergent, it will become clean.)

1) Please wipe off the dew condensation with a dustcloth. Then it prevents curtain and floor from getting wet.
(The window may be broken when you put a dew condensation prevention seat or a dew condensation adsorption seat on the window. And also the window may be broken when you warm the window. Therefore please don't put anything on the window. And please don't heat the window.)

2) Please use the ventilation fan, when you cook, when you shower, or when you produce moisture.
(When you use the ventilation fan, please open a window. Otherwise the performance of ventilation fan is not well.)


駐輪についてのお願い/Atteention for parking the bikes


You cannot park a bicycle and motor bike without permission from the landlord in this apartment except a visitor can park temporarily. Motor bike can not be permitted to be parked.





Please do not put out the garbage outside the designated date and time!


Please make sure that the garbage does not leak water or spill out of the bag.

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